D Enterprise is a full service general contractor specializing in remodels both large and small in the greater Denver Area.


Whether restoring your past, or building your future we are here to help!



The Kitchen is the cornerstone of every house. We believe the kitchen should serve as the hub for wonderful food, extraordinary conversation, and a place to savor life's little moments together. We would love the opportunity to dream with you about your new kitchen. 


If the kitchen serves as the social mainstay of the home, then the bathroom should be the treasured retreat from all of life's hectic adventures. We want to transform your bathroom into a tranquil escape and a place to take a moment for yourself.


Everything Else

With over ten years of experience, we have completed a wide variety of jobs from minor improvements to full pop tops. If you have another project in which you are interested in having us looking into, please get in contact with us to come look at your job!



The D Enterprise Difference


We understand the value of trust between an Owner and their Contractor and that the remodeling process can be emotional. To that end, D Enterprise assigns one Project Manager to see your remodel through from start to finish. We believe that consistent presence improves the overall cost management and timely completion of your project. Through our detailed cost-tracking, we maximize your budget.

Your Project Manager will be there and supervising a trusted team of professional licensed subcontractors in addition to our own craftsmen. Not only this, but we provide a workmanship warranty for your project.

Our clients also enjoy unparalleled access to the details of their project in a near “real-time” capacity through a dedicated Client Care specialist who can answer questions and facilitate any needs throughout the project. In one convenient location you can easily view the schedule, photos, upcoming decisions, and all relevant contract documents.

You can ask any one of our satisfied owners about the difference they enjoyed with D Enterprise.

“We were exceptionally pleased with both your professionalism and services. You were so ready and able to address the array of our needs and to come up with a sensible, responsible and affordable plan. Impressive. Not many gifted craftsmen left in this world—you are truly one of them.”
— Elizabeth

Let’s Meet

In having an initial meeting with D Enterprise, we hope that you feel the difference right away. We believe that creating a solid relationship to build on is an important part in establishing the trust needed to confidently enter into a contract. 

Create Designs & Blueprints

D Enterprise facilitates bringing your ideas to paper through connecting you with talented architects, engineers, and designers. As a team we guide you through the multi-faceted process of moving from a concept to the reality of blueprints. If, however, you have a design team that you’ve been working with, we are happy to step in to the process with them.  

Find Competitive Bids from Sub-Contractors

In order to make the estimate that we provide as accurate as possible, we have our best subcontractors walk in the space where your project will happen. They evaluate, appraise, and then provide their bids for your specific project. We negotiate on your behalf ensuring that you are getting the best value (i.e. quality of work + cost) possible. 

Review the Detailed Estimate & Sign the Contract

After you have your blueprints and we have bids in hand from subcontractors knowledgeable of your specific project, D Enterprise then puts together a detailed estimate of the project that we walk you through step-by-step so there are no surprise costs in the end. We take the time to make sure all your questions are answered and explain the unique difference you’ll have in working with our team. 

After you’ve made the decision to work with D Enterprise we move into drafting a contract and then once the signatures are on it, we begin making your dreams a reality!

Collaborate with Your Project Manager during Construction

D Enterprise assigns one highly skilled project manager to see your project through from the first day to the last. This continued presence allows you to have confidence that the day-to-day details are being taken care of and builds the kind of relationship of trust that we so highly value.  

Enjoy Your Dream Home!

D Enterprise is about creating space for families and home for everyone. Walking you through each phase from dream to creation, we are just as excited to see the finished product as you are. 


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