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Enneagram Type 7

The Enthusiest

What organization or company Inspires you?

I am a big fan of The Chill Foundation. This is a group that inspires underserved youth to overcome challenges and grow through board-sports. This program is very active in Colorado and teaches a lot of inner-city kids to ski and snowboard while challenging them through experiential learning.

What are you a raving fan of?

I am a raving fan of action sports and human exploration feats. I love to read books and watch movies about people who are challenging the human spirit and capabilities in ways that no one has done so before. I have a couple of friends who have climbed Everest or completed 100 mile running races. These are never things I will ever attempt but I am massively inspired by people who push the bounds of what we as humans are capable of.

What are you doing when you feel most like you?

I feel most like myself when I am outside and away from cell phone service. I crave to be snowboarding, hiking, camping, riding bikes, taking photographs, and being with my family away from the confines of city life. 

In an alternate life, what would you want to give a try?

High alpine mountaineering or Alaskan fishing guide.

What are you passionate about related to the work you do and serving others?

I am most passionate about people. I love getting to meet not only our customers but also the other people who work in our industry. I love being able to walk through challenging situations with people and help guide them in their quest for success.

What is the best part of your story so far?

The best part of my story so far is marrying my best friend Elizabeth and having my son Huck. Elizabeth and I had a very similar upbringing, and both played high level college basketball. Although this was a very cool experience, we were able to reinvent our lives and what defined us after college and now get to raise and incredible special young boy to be anything he wants to be in this world. Being his Dad and her husband are the greatest roles I will ever have in my life.

What is something no one would believe is true about you?

I once almost got in a fight with Phil Mickelson at a golf tournament.


Bobby has been leading our sales and business development efforts since he joined the D Enterprise TEAM in 2015. Prior to that he spent 2 years leading a sales and marketing team for a custom home builder in Northwest Indiana. Bobby has an undergraduate degree in Communication as well as a Masters in Digital Media.


Growing up, Bobby lived all over the country; Colorado is state number 9. Moving around so much with his family was a highlight during childhood. Bobby got to see a tremendous amount of the world between moving and traveling. He only has 4 states left that he has not visited but plans to see soon! Elizabeth and Bobby have been married since 2015. She is his best friend in the entire world, and they love to pack the car up and get lost anywhere they can. Bobby welcomed his son Huck in 2019 and has loved the challenge of being a new parent to such a fun and feisty little boy. Elizabeth and Bobby love spending time up in the mountains and live for the winter season! They have two dogs who go everywhere with them and keep them on their toes constantly.