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Enneagram Type 8

The Challenger

What is something no one would believe is true about you?

That I’m actually an introvert. Most people think I’m extroverted, but I am a true introvert. I do a good job at being outgoing and engaging, but I still need to get away to recharge.

What are you a raving fan of?

I’m a raving fan of Brother Lawrence. He was a 17th century monk, and what made him so unique was his ability to be content in the smallest of things. So, whether I’m doing the dishes in the kitchen, helping create a brand new landscape, or talking with a fellow co-worker, I want to pursue everything I do with humility and contentment and let that be my anchor.

What do you love most about working at D Enterprise?

It is so much fun to do things that have never been done before, and to do it with folks that really like the work they do. The team is passionate about collaborating together, having fun with the work, and going after challenging tasks.


Chad is at his best when he’s bringing people together. Whether that’s through dreaming up a layout for the use of an outdoor space or facilitating a quick conversation between colleagues, he keeps a constant focus on helping others flourish in community. Extracting the beauty that is found in people, situations, and spaces—and cultivating it with great care—is the driving force within Chad’s spirit. His passion for finding the beauty in all things fuels his creative drive, which ultimately leads to thoughtfully designed and innovative spacial solutions, both indoors and out. With nearly three decades of experience, Chad possesses a high level of appreciation for outdoor spaces that promote learning, education, and community.

As a lifelong learner, Chad has the exceptional ability to balance beauty with functionality. He brings this unique harmony to his role at Landvisions as the Director of Operations and Business Development. Daily engagement with crew leaders, translating conversations, participating in the operational process, and strengthening long-term client relationships are just a few of things Chad does on a daily basis. When it comes to something that has never been done before, he’s always ready to attack the challenge and forge a new path to envision something new. Collaborating with other creative minds to execute a plan of action as team and exceed client expectations only serves to amplify Chad’s desire to see relationships flourish. 


Born in Philadelphia, raised in Texas, and having lived in the Dominican Republic (DR) for almost two decades, Chad draws from a diverse background. Growing up in a family that was constantly hosting friends and missionaries, Chad quickly recognized his great love for people, hospitality, and creating opportunities for community to happen. Since graduating with a degree from the College of Architecture at Texas A&M, Chad has dedicated most of his professional career to the design/build of unique spaces in the DR. Having also completed course work at A&M in Outdoor Education, his commitment to innovation in education propelled his involvement in co-founding the first international Expeditionary Learning School in the DR Doulos Discovery which is considered by many to be the most unique and strategic, Faith based, K-12 College prep schools in the world.


Chad lives close to the mountains in Denver with his wife, Krista Adams Wallace, who is the national trainer for Elevate USA.  They have two daughters, Keren Aspen, who is a lead teacher at a new Expeditionary Learning school in Lakewood, CO and Kathryn Brook, who dances with Cleo Parker Robinson in Denver. Chad is an avid cyclist, splitting time between mountain biking and road cycling, and has spent significant time in the mountains engaged in any number of outdoor pursuits. Needless to say, Chad is passionate about anything outside. Additionally, he founded and is co-owner of a 350 acre ecological reserve and organic coffee plantation in the DR, Spirit Mountain. Chad is super active and invested in every endeavor, yet what ultimately keeps him grounded is a deep sense of contentment in all things and a gratitude for all he has.