At D-Enterprise we are focused on delivering a high-quality product; and you cannot get better Site Supervision than from the alert point of a Belgium Mallinois. Though born in Austin, Texas Finn has supervised wood shop crews in Eastern part of the state, as well as remote jobsites on the mesa of northern New Mexico and in the wooded mountains of Appalachia outside of Brevard, NC. Finn now brings his 60lbs of lean muscle and driven personality back to the Midwest in hopes of chasing our pawject-management to the next echelon. Like the human that raised and trained him, Finn is very interested in the details. Finns favorite place to be when on-site, after sniffing the rounds, is right beneath the mitre-saw offering un-rivaled QC all of lumber cut-offs below the saw by a thorough chewing inspection that has been tested & proven to not only ensure the best materials available but has the proximal benefit of boosting moral.

When the work is done, Finn loves jumping in front seat to go for a roadtrip or better still, likes to unwind with a nice long trail run. Like any local Denverite though, he is even more ecstatic to get into the mountains. To peak-bag the summit and enjoy the view, or to diligently safeguard ropes and gear at the base of the climb when at the crag. Finn’s biggest concern is that the beautiful woman that seems to be the only person to garner more attention from his human, than himself of course, will soften his rock-hard discipline that’s taken years of diligent training and obedience to achieve will be undermined by the irresistible & endlessly free belly rubbin’s.