Clifton Strength Finder Top 5 Strengths






Enneagram Type 6

The Loyalist

What is something no one would believe is true about you?

I lived in Mexico, married a Mexican, and still don’t speak Spanish. I’m actually half Korean!

What organization or company Inspires you?

We are connected with Hope House, an organization for teen moms. I love how they support young moms holistically from their immediate needs to planning for the future.

What are you a raving fan of?

Oregon State University. My grandfather was a fan and football season ticket holder for 30+ years when they were mostly pretty bad. He passed when I was 16, but my family and I remain die-hards no matter what.

What are you doing when you feel most like you?

When I’m running an event. I’ve had the opportunity to coordinate conferences and fundraising events of all sizes. I love the planning and execution it takes; and getting to manage all the details – hectic and crazy even – because you know it’s temporary.

In an alternate life, what would you want to give a try?

Living abroad for sure; doing something where I could help people.

What are you passionate about related to the work you do and serving others?

I like when I see systems and people come together and work efficiently.

What is the best part of your story so far?

My husband. We got married a little later in life, and I’m so amazed how our stories interwove and complement each other now. He’s my favorite person.


Kimberly went to school for marketing and has always been an administrative type. She moved around a lot and tried to balance giving back and working for nonprofits. Wanting to advance in her career and make a decent salary to help provide more opportunities for her family, Kimberly started to look for something else. She always wanted to give her best and use her gifts as much as she could. She met Jonathan in 2014 and immediately jumped into an admin support role with D Enterprise, not knowing she would soon thereafter move to California and get married. Luckily, Kimberly moved back to Colorado in 2016 and D Enterprise welcomed her back to the team. She’s been working with D Enterprise and the other companies we manage ever since!


Kimberly grew up in Salem, Oregon and moved to Colorado when she was 13. She spent high school and college here before moving to Mexico, then to Georgia and ultimately back to Colorado. Kimberly also lived for a short time in California. She’s been back in Colorado since 2015. Kimberly and her husband recently purchased a house here and feel settled with their two puppies.