OUR 4 PHase process is clearly defined to help our clients understand how we work, from the initial consultation through construction administration. To ensure smooth execution during each phase and to guarantee product integrity, we walk with you during the entire process.

After an initial consultation we will provide our client with a detailed proposal for “Pre-Construction Services” and contract for Phase One. This is a stand alone contract that will provide the client with a project roadmap they could use as a tool to negotiate with any contractor.


The Feasibility Study


Define Program Elements
This phase is all about the “Big Picture”, defining and solving the problem. “Discovery” is the overarching theme as the owner’s program elements are defined. During the Discovery Phase we will compile a comprehensive list of project goals, including specific needs & wants. We will establish planning objectives, collect information related to existing site conditions and review all relevant design documents.

Project Priorities
We will discuss the three driving elements to any project as we define priorities. Quality – Schedule – Budget It is always our goal to balance these three. Quality is non-negotiable for D Enterprise, so choose either Schedule or Budget to be the other driving element/priority.

Initial Project Range of Costs
By the end of Discovery, an initial project range of costs will be developed. This is an important step to establish realistic expectations for establishing the overall project budget moving forward. This is not a detailed construction estimate, but our professional opinion of what the project could cost, based on the information we’ve gathered during this phase and current square foot construction prices


Idea Generation
This is where the process takes shape and our work can become very focused on design and related cost implications. D Enterprise will work to protect the owner’s budgetary parameters while honoring design intent. During idea generation, multiple options for project scopes may be developed to test and explore realistic cost options while putting the human element first. Discovery and idea generation can take longer than all subsequent phases, especially when the plans are not fully developed.

Selections are generally managed by the Architect and/or Designer. Because these decisions can have a significant impact on the budget, we are available to help a client work through this process as it pertains to overall job costs. The Selections and Allowance platform within our management platform, Builder Trend, helps to simplify how these selections are stored, displayed and impact the budget by providing real time cost updates as selections are made.

Value Engineering & Detailed Estimate
Once the big picture has been defined and every possible design element thoroughly worked through, a detailed estimate will be developed. The estimate will be based on detailed take-off’s, historical construction costs, vendor pricing and will include relevant design ideas from all preceding steps. If the need for further cost savings persist, Value Engineering begins. This is a collaborative process between D Enterprise, the client and the project design team. Here we explore potential materials alternates and spatial design revisions with specific cost saving solutions in mind. The value engineering process results in a revised estimate, often requiring vendors to re-submit bids.


Construction Scope of Work
The scope of work is a detailed summary of all construction elements within the project budget. Included within this document will be all relevant “standard-of-practice” information and details related to material selections. The scope of work relates directly to the construction budget cost codes.

Construction Budget
Once a design and the project estimate has been approved, a comprehensive construction budget can be developed. We ask the client and possibly their design team to officially approve final design and authorize D Enterprise to execute a subcontractor walk through and hard-bid process. The final construction budget will be based on hard bids from subcontractors and vendor pricing.

Construction Schedule
Once the scope of work is defined and project costs are established, we will build out the project schedule. The success of any project hinges on a well planned and executed schedule and we take great pride in how we organize our construction process. We utilize a comprehensive Project Management software called BuilderTrend, which keeps all project communication, daily logs, project photos, budget, schedule and selections in one place. Our clients can review progress reports and photos and can collaborate with the project team from their phone app or on their computer.



Build the Team
It is our experience and belief that every great adventure is best when embarked on as a team. We will assign one project manager to see your project through from start to finish. We have a solid team of field craftsmen that will be working on your project and assisting with project admin. We’ll supply a dedicated client care specialist who can answer questions and facilitate needs throughout the project. Our office manager will be your point person for billing questions and our General Manager is always available to make sure everyone is doing what we said we would do and that we are meeting our clients expectations.

Feasibility Study Review
All members of the project team will review information from the Feasibility Study to maximize the accuracy and thoroughness of the Construction Documents packet and to ensure we are all on the same page prior to the start of construction.

Contract Execution
Construction contracts will be drawn up and reviewed with the client, to validate that the requirements expressed are in complete accordance with the construction documents in regards to Scope, Schedule and Budget.


Construction Administration

Breaking Ground
The initial weeks of a project can be both exciting and stressful. Even the most thoroughly developed set of construction documents will prove limited in terms of having fully defined every detail needed to execute the construction process. We have years of Design Build experience and understand that decisions will need to be made during the project that will most definitely affect the aesthetic and may have cost implications. We ask that our clients expect these changes and be patient as we navigate the construction process together.

Builder Trend Review
Our Client Care Specialist will be very hands-on during the first several weeks of the project. By this point in the process our clients will be familiar with our online management software, Builder Trend, which provides a one-stop shop to view Daily Logs, the Construction Schedule, Photos, Construction Budget, all relevant contract documents, and more, to be fully involved in the construction process. Our Client Care Specialist is available to provide specific training on the use of this platform during the first several weeks of construction.

Weekly Rhythm
D Enterprise will provide regular updates via Builder Trend’s Daily Log, which will include a description of the work performed and photos. The Project Managerwill send out a weekly update and will include an agenda for the upcoming onsite meeting and a list of any additional project related decisions that need to be made. Regular onsite reviews with the project team during the construction process is incredibly valuable in maintaining clarity and understanding. These visits allow the team to stay in tune with the methods of construction being used and maintain clear communication on progress and design direction. These team meetings will generally happen every couple weeks and/or as needed. Billing for the project happens every 2 weeks, and is based on completed work and materials purchased.


Project Completion

Substantial Completion
The Punch List is a key tool as we wrap up any project. Once all scopes of work have been completed, we will walk the project with the client and create a list of details that need to be addressed. At this point, the Substantial Completion document is signed, with the punch list as an addendum and D Enterprise begins working through the Punch List.

Final Completion
Once the Punch List has been completed and the client is in agreement that all issues have been resolved, we order a final cleaning and schedule a final onsite review meeting with the client for the signing of Final Completion documents.

Post Completion
Just because a project has been completed and a client begins to enjoy their space does not necessarily mean D Enterprise is finished. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, there will generally be details that need to be addressed under our warranty process. Getting to these details in a timely manner and understanding expectations is a key component of the partnership. This space is ultimately yours and will likely involve systems that need to be maintained and cared for. We are more than glad to provide our clients the option for ongoing care and maintenance of their home.

As with any Journey, there will be ups and downs, valleys and peaks, calms and storms. Anything worth doing will be a challenge and our entire TEAM here at D enterprise is committed to finishing the journey on a positive note!